Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is a Tenerife rental contract there to be broken?

A Tenerife rental contract or an agreement in any other country is neither here nor there.

That means that a contract should be honored and not broken all over the world.
Some people even respect and honor verbal agreements.

Imagine, you go to a lawyer to ask for advice to make the best rental document for all parties concerned.

Your renter then signs that he will rent for a whole year. Of course, the rental price should be higher, if it was
 for less than 12 month. That's why holiday home rental costs so much more.

So just figure that the Spanish legal help who calls himself an 'abogado' by trade even may sum up the total amount for 12 months in writing.  Why? To avoid misunderstanding...

Unfortunately, the renter tried to be clever and never even paid the 11th month. His reasoning was that the landlord could keep the deposit which amounted to 4 weeks, instead. He reasoned that nothing was broken or damaged by him. It's highly illegal to take advantage of such a repayable deposit called Fianza and use it for rent.

Should he have been taken to court for that? Not worth the hassle... Right?

What difference does the situation make to the rent payments all in all?

The renter scored  a better rental tariff.  He had a cheaper monthly rent than agreed by cheating on rental terms.  Why?  You sum up all months paid by him which you then divide by 12 as by contract. The result is a cheaper rent. So he broke his word and the written Tenerife rental contract.  He is not a man in my eyes but, a cheap fraud.

I have an idea how to avoid such a situation for the future.  However, I would be most interested to hear,  how you the reader would solve this rental problem.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Free wireless Internet for Tenerife apartment studio rental Spain

Free wireless Internet seems to be unavoidable for the Tenerife apartment rental by Puerto de la Cruz Spain.

Many approached me through my website Tenerife holiday home insider and showed great interest in renting. But they were all gurus who need Internet professionally.

Just now an SBI! coach called Alex of my web host wants to rent it for a while. Needless, to say that having her in my neighbourhood would be absolutely fantastic. However, she makes money from home coaching web site building to make a living from it.

How can she help you by e-mails, skype or online seminars, if no Internet connection is available with her Tenerife accommodation?

Believe me, it is a head ache.

I want her as a renter.

But on principal, I wouldn't go for a landline with the normal Internet service as buying a new landline is rather costly. It's also a risk lending a regular phone line to unknown renters later.

Yet, there are a few more options free wireless Internet, as long as I pay for the connection, you know.

Sure, wifi hospots are all over Tenerife but who wants to go to public places because of free Internet?
The latter is not ideal when you need your own private space. Privacy is vital for making money from home.

I wouldn't mind to give free Internet service by way of free Wifi to the Sitesell coach Alex, who is absolutely bound to become a friend.

However, there still remains the problem of setting up online connection. My Argentinian IT technician and I are having some idea for providing a wireless Internet.

Just now learn how I could provide high speed Internet to a difficult location in my next blog...

In fact, even locations which are dubbed C spots by the main Spanish Telephone server or its mobil phone section may be connected. Wifi deviation plus the use of some more wireless Internet gadgets is the trick which may work.

Go from free wireless Internet to free Internet service Tenerife Spain, which has more detailed information for getting connected.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tenerife apartment to rent or buy in La Longuera North Tenerife

Indeed, the time has come to advertise this Tenerife apartment to rent again.
I previously called it a studio.
As most people don't know that Tenerife Studio means Tenerife apartment, this needs to be made clear.

It is a small apartment of 38m2. Not too tiny, you know...
It could accommodate 2 people, when they like to cling together.

However, this flat is surely not the ideal option for a normal couple to live in it for a long time.
Confined space makes you get onto each other's nerves, you know...

Quite a coincidence is that I started this Blog for letting this studio. The action became a no brainer.
I stopped the Blog, as I didn't need to let the apartment any more.

Who would have thought, I would pick it up again? I didn't expect this to happen, a few months ago.

The trouble is that I don't have much time. I wanted to get all information about it online, as fast as possible.
So far, I didn't get around to figure out how to place multiple photos with I mean many pictures, as you will notice.
Therefore, I made a page about this Tenerife apartment to rent with my homepage.
A sale's option is only brushed on.

This new page has so much information besides its pictures. There is even a subordinate page about the Tenerife apartment's nearest commercial center, La Longuera. It will help to make up the mind of a potential renter about the useful features of the place, he could settle in.

There also is a data page belonging to this so previously called studio. It lists everything in it. Not every ornament, though.
However, it gives you important distances for reaching vital places nearby, or for airports and the capital.

In fact, those 3 apartment pages add up as a guide for it.

Learn all about this amazing Tenerife apartment to rent near Puerto de la Cruz.
It's main advantages besides the great location are free, easy parking, and magic views.

Or be my guest and offer a price to buy it...
That would leave me more time to tinker about with Blogs and Homepages or even allow me the luxury to visit my daughter in Holland.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why irregular Spain rent payments are not always bad

Irregular Spain rent payments were my last tenant's ways to compensate me for letting a studio to him. . He worked as piano player at Café de Paris in Puerto de la Cruz. I have known this café since my first holiday in Tenerife in 1997.

Were the strange rental payments bad for me?

No, I didn't suffer from these uncommon Spain rent payments. They didn't worry me, at all. I didn't need to get the rent money on a certain day or time of the month.

Besides, I was sure my renter was a good man. He came recommended by a friend of mine.

Also, I was informed that he was suddenly only receiving his work pay in irregular intervals.

This renter didn't always manage to come and see me in time for his Spain rent payments.
He just rang my bell on its way to the shops which didn't happen often.

Twice monthly became almost the norm with his irregular rent payments in Tenerife Spain.
But, it is better to be paid in more or less predictable intervals than not at all...

The man with the peculiar style to pay Spanish apartment rental worked as a musician without a work contract for most of the last 24 months.

Then the Spain economy took the plunge like almost everywhere in the world by the end of 2007. This made me wonder in rare split seconds, when he was late to bring his cash for the rental of the studio which I let out to him. However, those were very short flashes of doubt.
He ended up receiving his wages weekly, when Tenerife business and tourism deteriorated somehow, where he played the piano.

However, he warned me quite often in 2008 that he might lose his job. I was aware of losing his Spain rent payments, eventually.

On the last day of July 2009, he was told not to come back to his work place. It was a very sudden and cruel dismissal in my mind. He was replaced by two guys that delivered very commercial music. Needless to say, I had preferred my renter's piano sounds from before.

This good man who had become a faithful person to rent my Tenerife apartment studio in Los Realejos Spain for more than 2 years was suddenly out of work, devastated and very unhappy. I couldn't help but feeling more sorry about his situation than losing him as a renter.

Meaning of self catering Spain apartment

What is a self catering Spain apartment, an American friend of mine once asked.

Self catering means in this context that an apartment in all Spanish provinces, such as Majorca, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerte Ventura, La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife and main land Spain has everything basic for you to cater for yourself.

Or you could almost say that the apartment will cater for you.

A self catering Spain apartment has at least one bed or a sleeper couch. By the least, it has a corner with a 2 plate stove. It may also have an American kitchen which may be enclosed or semi open within the salon or studio, as seen in photo above.

It has the essential tools you need for cooking. It has a fridge and often even a washing machine. It has linen and blankets for sleeping, generally a TV and sometimes more electronic gadgets. It may come with a balcony, veranda, pool, garden and private parking.

What essentials does a self catering Spain apartment have at least?
  • 1 bed or double bed or sleeper couch in which case the apartment is called a studio.

  • wardrobe locker to hang and store your belongings

  • table and chairs

  • small sofa or couch for sitting only, when no sleeper couch is there

  • bath or shower cubicle or both

  • American kitchen which may have its own door or

    may be within a self catering apartment and may be open to one or more sides.

  • fridge/freezer

  • at least a 2 plate stove

  • basic cooking utensils such as pots and pans, crockery and cutlery

  • toaster, coffee maker etc are options

  • trash bin, cleaning tools, ironing board, iron, washing stand to peg up things

  • a self contained apartment in Spain often has a washing machine (no coins needed)

  • Water and electricity supply connected and licensed

  • Go from Meaning of self catering Spain apartment to apartment appliances, which is an exceptionally long list of items in a friend's apartment. It is for sale as a holiday home in Tenerife Los Gigantes. This resale apartment direct from owner even has a basic PC, which you may take over for free when you purchase the apartment. This shows you that self catering apartment in Spain is a very flexible expression. Coming to think of it ... My friend's apartment even caters for live fish by an aquarium. You can see this and more in the photo gallery of the apartment in Los Gigantes by the later link in this paragraph. Only, you must feed them. The apartment has no robot to do so. That would be in a self catering Spain apartment in a science fiction movie or in the future.

    What I do not like about self catering Spanish apartments is that they often have outdated furniture taken over from some relative or even from a 2nd hand shop.

    This trend is quite common with 2 bedroom or larger apartments for rent or sale in Spain. This habit, which does not appeal to me is less common in Tenerife holiday resorts, for example, but wider spread in Spanish villages and towns near a resort.

    To sum it all up means, when you read self catering Spain apartment for rent or sale advertised, then it is is very often a holiday home.

    Why Tenerife apartment contract for 6 months only

    My last Tenerife apartment contract:

    • I was going to try to sell this Tenerife apartment, which is a studio in a hotel, after 6 months.

    • The tenant was not sure if he was still working in North Tenerife after half a year.

    • By law he was allowed to rent for such short period, as this was his 2nd residence;
      his first was with his parents in South Tenerife.

    • Renting out as Tenerife holiday homes in hotels is not even allowed for 6 months rental contracts, so don't write holiday home within the contract... It is against the Spain tourism law, to the best of my knowledge.

    About renting in Tenerife hotels and contracts:

    This studio which is a smaller version of an official Tenerife apartment is in a large hotel.. Only long term rental is allowed there as in all Spain hotels, while Tenerife is a Spanish province; Although, 6 months are not seen as vacation rental, be wise and don't put it in writing in any renting contract where hotels are involved…

    Please note: If you let an apartment, studio or villa in Tenerife or Spain for a year and forget about the contract, the yearly rent agreement, instead of a 6 months rental contract, automatically converts into rental allowance for 5 years. Only some minor rent pay adjustment which reflects inflation, as per standard contracts, applies.

    Mind one year rental contracts Tenerife:

    However, after one year of renting out you cannot just up the rent any more.
    Ask a lawyer if you could still set a reasonable rent augmentation by the year within the renting agreement... I doubt that it is possible.

    Why make a new contract rather?

    You can however cancel the contract if it was for a year or better said one day less than a year to make it legal. You then can make a new contract with a lower or higher price. Sometimes, even lower prices for Tenerife apartments make sense.

    Go from Tenerife apartment to Tenerife holiday rental... Discover tips for renter as well as landlord to have success with it. This is in my official homepage I give you this link, as I would not like to talk about the same subject here for fear of repeating myself and causing a double entry on the Internet.

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    More content with widgets creates problems in blogger

    Adding widgets is not as easy as it sounds.
    You read stacks of help pages and waste a lot of time to set it all up.
    In the end you are told you need to change your lay-out.
    So disappointing a result...
    No link to help for new lay out... No explanations...
    Such a result is like being hit on the head.
    Not the foggiest idea what is meant by: "You must change lay outs".
    Something like that should be said at the start before one goes through many many pages to learn to get somewhere.